Five Go To A Wedding


We went to a wedding at the weekend and I think we all scrubbed up ok, being that we are not people who are used to getting into occasions!

Maisie is such a teenager - an extremely witty and beautiful one, I must add!
Bertie has had a very drastic haircut!! We'll probably let it grow again though.
Otto is six months old now - can't believe it! He is into everything, loving food and such a happy, contented little chap.

A Bit Of Spring


Hello, I just thought I'd pop in and share a few pictures from last weekend. As the weather was so perfectly spring-like, we decided to go to Steps Bridge - a twenty minute car drive away, just inside Dartmoor. It's a very pretty spot for a stroll and some riverside exploring. There were blankets of daffodils as far as the eye could see. One of those "it's good to be alive" days.

Marinski Handmades


I just came across these wonderful ceramics by Croatian artist Marina Marinski. Her Etsy shop is filled with beautiful hand painted bowls in gorgeous colours. She also makes ceramic brooches and necklaces - equally beautiful, but being rather partial to a nice bowl, I do love these! 

(As I was writing this, my husband said to me sarcastically "oh yes, because we could do with another bowl." I like nice things, ok?!).

Find her Etsy shop - here
Tumbler - here
Facebook - here

Monkey & Mole


I do love Instagram. You come across so many lovely, talented people and here is one of them.....

I am so happy I stumbled across Monkey And Mole. Otto is now the owner of the most beautiful pair of the softest leather, sea-green moccasins. I cannot tell you enough how much I love these little shoes. I ordered a slightly larger size for when he's crawling and taking those first steps, but seeing as they stay on his feet so well (and how many baby shoes do?) he is wearing them all the time. 

Chrissy (the clever lady behind Monkey And Mole) even makes moccasin-style sandals, such a genius idea and a must have for little summer toes.

Ordering is easy - there is a size chart which can be printed out to get the fit just right. Sizes range from 0-10, so older toddlers can wear them too. Great for around the house and light outdoor use. They come in a range of delicious colours.

Find Monkey And Mole - here.
Monkey And Mole Facebook - here.
Monkey And Mole Instagram - here.

Otto's amazing tights are by Kidscase and we got them from 1965 Kids.

Not a sponsored post - I'm just a very happy customer :) !!

P.S. Don't forget, there's still free shipping in my shop with the code - VALENTINE

Boys & Bunkbeds


Two days in a row - how about that then?

I took these pictures of the boys (I like saying 'the boys'!) larking about on Bertie's new bunkbeds. It has taken pretty much all of his four years to finally start sleeping through the night and not venture into our bed at around midnight. Hoo-rah! Not that it wasn't nice, but you know....

When we moved house again at the end of November (did I even tell you that we moved about a month after having Otto? Yes we're slightly mad!). Well, we finally found a home that we could all fit into - too good an opportunity to miss in the area that we live in.  So as well as having a garden and a garage (yay - somewhere for the cargo bike to live), Bertie now has a decent sized bedroom, where one day, Otto will join him. Hence the bunkbeds. I'll do a little tour soon as it's looking rather nice :)

Anyway, this afternoon, Otto lay on Bertie's bed and got extremely excited looking at the slats above him....must have been the contrast between the wood and mattress. His little arms were flapping around like a bird! Bertie clambered around showing him his various soft toys whilst I tried to prevent him from crushing his baby brother in the process (daily occurence). At what age will he become more aware of others and less egocentric? Never you say? Oh.

See you soon.


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